Dark Edition | New prints by Therese Sennerholt

After almost a two year break from having a webshop and creating graphic prints Therese Sennerholt relaunched her webshop and made a new collection of limited fine art prints called Dark Edition. A collection with a few items only, six different motifs in two sizes, made in a very small edition, have a look at the webshop and this new collection here Therese Sennerholt 

Dark Edition is not only a collection of fine art prints, it’s also a creative collaboration between Sara Medina Lind of Melo and Therese, have a look at some of the earlier work of Melo I showed on the blog before here: Pella Hedeby for Melo | New collection. Together they created two separate collections with the ambition to aline one another in an intriguing way, a meeting between Melo’s minimalistic furnitures and the graphic and characteristic prints of Therese.

Therese: “Dark Edition is my eight collection of graphic fine art prints. This time I have created a graphic collection with a 70’s look in saturated tones inspired by the feeling of being free which for me means being close to the ocean, watching the sunset on a beach, listening to the soothing sound of the ocean waves, observing flying birds that are heading to a new continent without any given destination.”

photography AnnaLeena Leino Karlsson/ styling Amanda Rodriques 
4-6 Photography Sara Medina Lind / styling Therese Sennerholt