Kinfolk Gallery visit

At the dinner night for the opening of the new Menu Space, I got to meet Nathan of Kinfolk and he kindly invited me to drop by at their workspace and gallery, and being in Copenhagen a few days later me and Maaike who I met at Frama had a little bike tour to the gallery. There was a photoshoot that day and the whole place was kind of turned upside down but luckily there are some great pictures at the site of Norm Architects, the designers of the Gallery.

The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of Copenhagen Co-created in partnership with some of the world’s leading interiors brands, The Kinfolk Gallery is available to host a variety of events, such as art exhibitions, visiting pop-up shops, guest lectures, fashion showings, workshops, dinner gatherings and photo shoots like you can see in the picture below. 

The kitchen in the back is designed by Norm Architects for Reform, have a look at my visit to their showroom here Reform Kitchen showroom visit | 3 days of design
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