A black and white beach home | American Dream builders

In my last post I gave you a sneak peek off the winning home of the 2014 tv show American Dream builders I guess many of my American readers who love interior design have seen the show long time ago, but I just came across it earlier this year. I have to admit that watching real life tv shows like Grand designs is one of my guilty pleasures.

In The Netherlands we have a huge amount of tv shows like this, and I have even been asked a few times by different shows to  show my home or come up with a design for one of the participants, but never felt like getting on public television. Today I love to show you the rest of the winning beach house design, a home Lucas Machnik designed for the home owners. The outside is totally black, and I loved how this was a totally shocking fact in the show, un necessary to tell you I love the home, the art work Lukas’ taste in interior design. 

pictures via Lukas Machnik