An all black Reform kitchen in a bright Copenhagen home

Whenever I can I try to avoid just posting the same content of a fellow blog friend, many times you can’t avoid and just come across the same images at the same time but today I have to admit I just had to copy the pictures from Line’s beautiful kitchen after spotting them on the blog of Elisabeth as they show my favourite kitchen. 

I know I have been posting the Reform kitchen designed by Norm architects several times on the blog and I just loved to finally seeing their design with my own eyes in both the Kinfolk office and when visiting Reform in Copenhagen earlier this year, have a look: 
Reform Kitchen showroom visit 

Seeing the kitchen in a real home is different and gives an even better idea of how to integrate the design in your own home. I met Line about four years ago for the first time during a dinner event at the home of Nathalie Schwer 
and It was a pleasure to see her again at the Menu space where she works and organised a dinner for family and friends to celebrate the new showroom…. and then coming back from work there is this amazing kitchen waiting for her at home.

Being a fan of Menu I could not help to spot the Afteroom Bar Chair, the Socket Occasional Lamp, and some smaller items. I also really love the lamps and the grey walls, stay tuned for a new collaboration and a little change in my own kitchen soon! 

Pictures by Emil Monty Freddie // Reform