Living in a Design apartment | The young collectors

Not sure why I hear so many people talking about how new it is to present work and new collections in a ‘apartment style’ at Dutch Design Week when talking about the hidden gem at Juliusstraat. At ‘Young Collectors’ you are invited to wander through the Residence of Mark & Anne, two young design and art collectors. Not new but certainly one of the best ways to present the collections of different designers in a home setting and so well done by curators Thier & Van Daalen who also are the designers of the striking kitchen at the end of this post.

It is like the curators say: “showing design in the context of an apartment has more impact then placing a piece on a pedestal and is as if an interior magazine really comes alive” This is exactly what I felt when designing the trend stand for IMM where I showed a collection of my favourite design and designer pieces in a home setting which felt like my blog coming alive.

Upstairs bath-and bedroom is beautifully renovated with a great solution with at one side the bedroom, look below how clever the original doors are reused and the two sinks are placed in the former hallway that seperates the bed and bathroom. Although green is not really my colour and I would think more then twice before ever bringing a green kitchen into my apartment, I loved the use of Furniture Linoleum by Forbo and the small copper handles. Not to mention the Hi-Mac countertop with visible colour glue.

Really outstanding I thought was the VAPOUR light above the table and in the corner of the room where a vertical version hang from the ceiling. Vapour is a series of luminous bars embraced by woven fabric as waving luminous vapour, which can vary in shape, colour and intensity. 

Participants are Alei Verspoor – PACK / David Derksen / Handmade Industrials / De Intuitiefabriek / Lotte Douwes / Maarten Baptist – JOINE / Mae Engelgeer / Max Lipsey / Nienke Sybrandy / Noortje de Keijzer / Noortje x Noortje / NIGHTSHOP / Rick Tegelaar / Rive Roshan / Rik ten Velden / Salem van der Swaagh / Saskia Schreven / Snodevormgevers / Studio Thier&vanDaalen / Studio TOIMII / Tessa Koot / Wieland Vogel

The apartment is open every day at Juliusstraat 62 from 2PM – 5PM during Dutch Design Week

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