Introducing w/ Style | my new collaboration

2018 is on it’s way! And as said before I couldn’t think of a better way to kick of the year than travelling to Copenhagen , and Sweden with w/ Style, our new company, on invitation of Danish kitchen manufacturer Vipp! Over the last years I have been working with both Dutch and international leading brands and Design fairs, I love to collaborate, not only with selected brands but also with fellow bloggers and other creatives. I truly think that we can inspire each other and let’s face it, working together is just more fun than sitting in front of your laptop on your own.

It’s almost ten years I keep Vosgesparis up and running on my own, the emails with ‘hi team’ or ‘can you connect me with your ceo’ still make me laugh, as many people think there is a whole team behind Vosgesparis, sorry to disappoint you, it is just me! Don’t get me wrong, I love being a bit of an einzelgänger and can perfectly work alone but sometimes it is nice to connect and talk about your work with someone who is in the same position.

Introducing w/ Style
Some years ago I connected with Wen van Woudenberg, the creative mind, photographer, (photo) stylist and owner of photography and visual concept studio beeldSTEIL. After annual trips to Milan Design week, countless cups of coffee all year round, and collaborations on different projects, we decided to team up and work together.

Although we both have our unique style, we share an interest in minimalism and interior design, by working together we inspire each other. ‘w/ Style’ is our collaborative project and we are looking forward on all things to come, and of course we would love to work with you. Collaborating brings out the best in both of us, the results of which can be seen in our new project and exciting plans for 2018.

Both of us will actively maintain our individual brands and blogs but we aim to collaborate as much as possible, expanding the online coverage and impact, with three websites, two blogs and multiple social media channels.

Learn more about us and how we work at our brand new website w/ Style 
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pictures from our photoshoot in collaboration with Vipp