Travel w/ Style | The Vipp Shelter – A minimalistic getaway

In November I attended the opening party of the Vipp Hotel in Copenhagen, not knowing that only a few weeks later I would experience the first two locations of the Vipp Hotel myself together with Wen van Woudenberg of Beeldsteil celebrating our new agency w/ Style

A lot happend since then and this week we added a new section to our site ‘Travel w/ Style’, where we share everything travel related. We are kicking off our series with the Vipp Hotel and I will share both locations on Vogesparis for you to drool or maybe book, starting today with the Vipp Shelter.

I am a long time follower of Vipp, and I first got to visit their flagship store in Copenhagen five years ago with a team of international bloggers where I learned about the family history and the famous Vipp bin the whole Vipp line started with. Since then Vipp not only produced bins but also bathroom and kitchen accessories, an extensive kitchen with all conveniences and the ultimate getaway, the shelter.

Fun times followed by visits to Paris for the launch of the limited edition Vipp bin in collaboration with Merci and now getting the chance to experience the Vipp Hotel and kitchen. If you ever consider a Vipp kitchen, spending time at the Vipp hotel is the ultimate test drive!

A minimalistic getaway at lake Immeln, Sweden
On a stormy day when most flights were cancelled we flew to Copenhagen and spent the night at the Vipp loft I visited earlier. The next morning we drove up to Sweden, a 2 hours ride from Copenhagen leading us to Lake Immeln.

At the lake, surrounded by only a few homes we found total silence and a path leading us to the waterside and the shelter, it was so amazing to finally see this black beauty, completely made out of steal, with my own eyes. The shelter is a 55 square meter one room getaway with a kitchen, dining and living room area, bathroom and a mezzanine bed loft. Windows from floor to ceiling on both sides, including the roof above the bed give you the feeling to be one with nature. 

The shelter is totally furnished with Vipp furniture, lamps and accessories giving you the total Vipp experience. I really enjoyed walking barefoot on the grey floors with floor heating, while heating up the fire and seeing the darkness fall in. It was a long time ago I felt so relaxt and one with nature, especially at night when I woke up with a huge moon above the lake and the only sound I heard was the call of the owls. Just an amazing experience which I think you should experience for yourself.

Book the Shelter
The next morning we had breakfast at the huge table, and opened one side of the shelter giving us the possibility to just step out of the window and walk towards the lake. This trip wil be on my mind for a long time and I think it is the ultimate getaway for a total offline experience.

Book the shelter at the Vipp hotel site and also check out the Vipp Loft, I will show you the pictures we made there while spending two days in Copenhagen next week. Meanwhile check out Beeldsteil and our website for more pictures.

Written in collaboration with Vipp
© w/ Style 

photography Wen van Woudenberg | styling Desiree Groenendal