Menu SS18 collection favourites

In a previous blogpost I shared the brands I selected for my ‘New Scandinavian tour’ written for visitors of imm Cologne last month, that gave them a quick guide along some of Scandinavian finest brands. There are many more Scandinavian brands that I love and visited at the fair, for the tour however I had to make a choice and choose the ones that colour wise fitted me best for this particular list.

As said before Menu is one of the brands whose collection best represents my love for useful and timeless pieces with a certain elegance that I love. Menu collaborates with different designers such as Søren Rose, Taiwanese design duo Afteroom or Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen who has put his stamp on many of the furniture and smaller items. 

When visiting Menu last month I picked up the new catalog which came fresh from the press and we got a quick tour along the new Spring collection at the Menu Space. Here is a small selection of new items as also seen at the imm fair, see my post about the fair and brands involved in the tour here and for the whole Menu catalog follow this link: New Menu catalog – Spaces

Afteroom Chair is one of Menu’s bestsellers since its launch in 2012, the chair is the work of Afteroom, a young Stockholm studio founded by designers Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei. The duo takes the chair to a new level with Afteroom Chair Plus. The new model has a wider backrest and a luxurious upholstering of both seat and backrest.

The Harbour Chair is designed specifically for Menu Space, and shown for the first time at the fair in Cologne this week. The chair was designed by Norm Architects and is now also available with both textile and leather upholstery and two different type of legs.

This looks pretty cute I think, the Afteroom coat hanger can be hung both horizontally and vertically, creating a beautiful piece of art when grouped together!
As seen in yesterday’s Oslo Design fair post the beautiful Offset Sofa. Offset is the result of research into ‘balance’ by Norm Architects. The studio wanted to create a sofa as simply as possible while embracing a set of paradoxes: making it substantial yet delicate in appearance, architectural yet inviting and homey.

The Cast Pendant takes its inspiration from functional cast metal objects and the graphic qualities of traditional plumb weights, hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters since Ancient Egypt. Versatile and naturally assimilating into the décor of any room or forming a sculptural installation by hanging one lamp on its own or clustering several into a striking installation, the Cast Pendant embodies Menu’s  philosophy of soft minimalism and quiet tactility. 

pictures via Menu |  picture Oslo Design fair