Minimal art by Fino Prydz

When I painted the wall of my bedroom the other week, I used a chalky grey lime paint, I love the matte look of the material and when I came across the account of Fino Prydz it was the soft grey in the pictures and paintings that caught my eye and made me fall in love with his work. Fino Prydz is a Norwegian Artist and Interior Designer based in New York. As a highly minimalistic Interior Designer, Fino strives for precision and perfection in his designs. In his artwork, he explores the opposite of precision: chance and imperfection.

After releasing his first collection of art prints ‘One Swipe’ last year, he works on the Greige Collection where both cool greys and warm brown tones are layered in several transparent layers to create depth, which resolves in an unique greige background color that acts as a stage for the hard edge shapes that are overlaid and connected by hair-thin lines. More info on his work can be found here: Fino Prydz  

pictures via Fino Prydz