A home near the sea in natural colours

Every year after Milan Design week when I had another taste of Italian life, I feel a bit nostalgic thinking back at the years we used to live in Italy every summer and the, what I then thought old and ugly, but now see all the potential off home near the seaside…. sounds pretty romantic right. I have good memories of these days and I hope my children have as well… and I am sure that one day soon I will go back and maybe even have a look at the old house I spent a 30 something summers.

The Danish Home that landed in my email box this morning is a great example off how a home near the sea can be.. although all the black would be a bit to hot in the south of Europe…. I guess in Danmark where this house is located, just an hour from Copenhagen it works just fine. Natural elements play a key role in the interior of the house and the blurred lines between inside and outside. Materials are natural with colours kept in soil-, stone- and wood-nuances, with a faint touch of blue and green tones in the handmade ceramics and soft linen.

The ambition to bring nature into the space comes from a wish to reclaim a connection with nature—an ambition shared by many people in todays increasingly digital and urbanised world. So true…. if I think back at my years in Italy I must have spent hundreds of hours just sitting in the patio talking, playing, watching people pass by without a radio, television, or smartphone.

pictures courtesy Norm Architects.