Bonden | Nordic Naturals found at 3 days of Design

Those who follow me for some time know I have a soft spot for Finnish design. Of course there are the big names like Alvar Aalto and brands like Artek, Marimekko and Iittala but this post is not about one of those. The different designers I met over the years are all passionated craftsmen and women with a love for Finnish nature.

During 3 days of design I visited Design Werck where several Finnish designers presented their work and it was great to finally meet Kati Hienonen the creative mind behind Bonden. It was such a sunny day and a wonderful quiet spot far away from all the busy showrooms downtown. Seeing the amount of places I still wanted to visit I stayed way to long of course, but you have to agree with me it is nice to sometimes just sit and enjoy the moment and really talk with people! 

Quiet luxury of north
Kati: “We have a heritage of nomadic lifestyle where multi-usability, natural aesthetics and practicality were essential properties to make the living possible in harsh conditions. With limited resources it was vital to create everything in a respect of nature. These same properties, with the easiness and longevity of style, we would like to bring to Bonden living products” 

“By the materials and the textures used in the collection, we connect our senses to the Nordic nature: from the rough cliffs of the archipelago to the smooth texture of moss growing in the Finnish woodlands”
The Bonden Living collection consists of a series of home accessories: cushions, shawls and module boxes all made by local artisans and skilled manufacturers from the materials with Nordic traditions.

Kati believes that natural- and non-treated materials are not only eclological but they contribute towards the greater wellness of us, the consumers. In the collection the most natural, non-toxic and purest materials are used, such as wool from the Finnish sheep combined with natural, non-dyed linen or GOTS-certificated (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton.  

– some of the new collection – 

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