BRUT | A collective of Six Belgian designers | Milan Design week 2018

Guess I am saving the best for last with this exhibition I visited in the Solari district in Milan. Hidden in a small street a white space formed the perfect backdrop for this exhibition by a group of six Belgian designers. Objects were placed on different shaped ‘islands’ connected by coal chunks representing the Belgian area they are from. It is no secret I am a lover of objects, sculptures, the raw and unusual, for me personally this was one of my favourite installations.

In my world, interiors and decorating revolve around forms and the use of materials I feel connected with, there might be a bit much to steel involved at the moment but I am definitely working on that. I can feel totally happy looking at a trunk of beautiful wood that has a special shape as much as looking at a million dollar object with a great design history. I will show some more of the personal work of this new group of six in the coming weeks. Let me know on my Instagram if you love this kind of installations as much as I do.

BRUT is a new collective of the six emerging Belgian designers. The junction of their practices is a natural consequence of the apparent similarities in imagery, concepts and vision. The six represent a young generation of Belgian designers which values the significance of collaboration and collective involvement within the contemporary design landscape BRUT has a dedicated attention for the architectural, sculptural and emotional potential of (contemporary Belgian) design. On the one hand, this focus is a result of the personal sensibilities of the participating designers – the corresponding characters of their practices. On the other hand, it creates a common ground and motive; it realizes and defines an environment where the designers can show, strengthen and challenge each other.

pictures ©vosgesparis