Home of a Collector by &tradition in Copenhagen

with a project coming up and another in the pipeline I can’t stop looking at kitchens like the one above. It has been a few years now I changed my own kitchen, it was a bit of a budget job then and I am sure if I could do it all over now, I certainly would have a total different kitchen from the one I showed you on the blog over the years. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but I am up for something else… already. Do you recognize this? I learned so much more about materials and colours and my taste is certainly more minimalistic and refind then it was seven years ago.

The kitchen above is taken at the new &tradition Residence I visited during 3 days of designInside this classic building, overlooking the King’s Garden in the heart of Copenhagen, & tradition created a real home, a home like our own where we collect the things we love, objects, designs, furniture and accessories that echo different facets of our personality.

That same spirit you’ll find at The Residence where &tradition designed The Home of a Collector. A great home to walk through and where you can experience the brand’s universe in a real setting and try out all the furniture in the different rooms. A small boutique, and a cafe with a green courtyard made me never want to leave, luckily there was a party in the evening to experience the home even by night! These are just a few images of the huge showroom.

pictures ©vosgesparis