ARU TO NAI | Monochrome art by Daijiro Hama at Ashes to snow

When shopping in my neighbourhood I sometimes pop in at Ashes to Snow, a hair atelier with a relaxed, artistic atmosphere where you will also find selected design, objects and art pieces from like-minded creatives from various disciplines. The gallery presents, promotes and sells the work of young artists, photographers, designers and craftsmen. You can get you hair done but also pop in for a coffee and a read and enjoy the various installations.

Daijiro Hama is a Kyota based artist and his work caught my eye  today,  he makes use of traditional Japanese material and technique while incorporating his own historical and cultural experiences. Daijiro Hama aims to express invisible existence created by contrast in black and white. Not the best pictures because of the light, but still wanted to share this with you.

Daijiro Hama: “As soon as I started to use black and white, it became difficult to go back to colour. It was all about the lights and darks, I was like ‘wow this is a cool world’ This was the beginning. These days it’s not about the colours but it’s more about the blending, the shading, the contrast. I am so much more interested in that then before and want to explore it more.”With his monochromatic compositions he invites viewers to explore the depths of what you see and cannot see and the interpretation and reflections of ones soul and mind.

pictures ©vosgesparis // Amsterdam Next