Quick -Step laminate NDSM apartment shoot | w/ Style

This last week w/ Style got the opportunity to work with Quick-Step in a new apartment at the Amsterdam NDSM area. NDSM, short for Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding Company, was a shipbuilding and repair company based in Amsterdam until 1979. Now, the neighbourhood is becoming a new living area. Over the last years NDSM has become a popular area and I personally love the raw edges.

Old buildings are getting new functions, and new buildings are built, solving the housing problem in Amsterdam, combining the area’s rich history with a modern 2018 twist. A charming and rugged plan with inviting hotels, restaurants and initiatives in direct connection with the boardwalk that will be built here.

Choosing the right floor
The apartment we got to shoot in collaboration with Quick-Step has the Amsterdam Marina at its doorstep which was one of the main reasons we thought of a dark laminate floor with the same sturdy character as you see on the old ships in the Marina. The apartment has floor to ceiling windows on one side, and with the white walls the residents chose for, this edgy dark floor certainly gives this newly built apartment a lot more character.

Choosing the right floor in a new apartment is such a difficult decision for most of us and raises a lot of questions. Where do you start? What atmosphere are you looking for in your new home? What kind of floor suits your lifestyle and budget? It was great to get involved in this project, following all the advice on the Quick-Step website, visiting different stores and talking things through with the residents who both have busy lives and wanted to move in really fast. What also really helped was the Quick- Step Pinterest board we made, with inspiring images of different floors.

Newcastle dark oak Laminate floor

Looking back at some of my very first makeovers and experience with different laminate flooring, it was an easy decision to work with Quick-Step again! After thorough research on the website, comparing different floors and looking at the possible styles, specifications and properties, we made a selection of three. These were narrowed down to two final choices, with the beautiful dark oak floor being the clear winner! I am happy the residents loved the Quick-Step Newcastle dark oak laminate floor (ELIGNA | EL3581) as much as we did.

For the underlay, we picked the Quick-Step Unisound, which is perfect for apartment buildings like these, with its 17 dB noise reduction, and it also reduces the reflection sound of walking around the apartment.

After two days of painting, it was time to get the floor installed by one of Quick-Step’s master installers. In less than 48 hours he transformed the apartment into a cozy urban chic home. In my own first home I remember it took me weeks to get the apartment ready and install and glue the laminate floors which had to be glued together.

Luckily Quick-Step has a ‘Uniclic’ click system which means the installation is faster than ever before. Even replacing planks or moving the floor is really simple: Simply lift up the panels. Overall an easy to lay floor, and getting a professional do it for you makes the whole experience even better.

I collected ten reason why to choose Quick-Step Laminate for your home which you can find at the end of the post. The residents are really happy with our choice and their new neighbourhood…. Going to work by taking the ferry is certainly one of the reasons, especially during Summer.

Ten reasons why to choose Quick-Step laminate for your home

170 floor types
With over 170 floor types there is a laminate for every taste, from all white to fumed oak to black and every shade in between including stone and concrete. Use the handy floorplanner on the site to see how the floor of your choice could look in your home after uploading a picture of your room. 

Uniclic click system
The Quick-Step ‘Uniclic’ click system! Which practically means the installation of long planks has never been faster. ‘Uniclic’ is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed, no matter in which corner of the room you start laying your floor.
Replacing or Moving
Replacing planks or moving your floor is simple too; with Uniclic, you can simply lift up the panels.

Perfectly level
The tongue fits perfectly into the groove, resulting in a floor without level differences. This basically means no wear and tear at the edges.

Impact resistance
With the correct underlay, you can even place laminate on underfloor heating without hassle. And the robust core panels of Quick-Step laminate floors provide a solid, pleasant sound which means they are also ideal for apartments or houses with several floors.

No color difference
With Quick-Step laminate floors you can reorganize as much as you like. When exposed to normal levels of (sun) light, the floors keep their original tone, year after year.

Scratch resistant
The ultra-resistant layer makes Quick-Step laminate flooring up to ten times more resistant to micro scratches.

Permanently antistatic
Every Quick-Step floor has been treated with an antistatic surface. This way, you don’t need to worry about annoying electrostatic discharges. What’s more, thanks to the treatment, your floor will attract significantly less dust than other floors.

Seamless and easy to clean
With no open joints where dirt could get stuck in between it’s really easy to keep your floor nice and clean.

A water resistant glued base plate and the tensile strength of the click systems provide excellent, splash-proof protection against surface moisture.

Written in collaboration with Quick-Step | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal

A special thanks to Paper collective for their posters and Aiayu for the bed covers.