bulthaup accessories | w/ Style photo shoot

It must be because I am working on a new kitchen layout myself at home that I love writing about kitchens on the blog even more then I already did, actually I always loved to write about the kitchen and how it is part of my home. The other week I showed you the bulthaup b3 kitchen and how it can perfectly fit your living space: bulthaup b3 | Personalize your kitchen to perfectly fit your home and as I told you Wen and I also created a series of images with a few selected items from the bulthaup accessories range which I promised you to show you more of in a new series of blog posts. 

Bread cutting board
The bulthaup bread cutting board is craftsman-made with traditional finger joints. The slide-in catching tray underneath the grille is perfect for collecting any crumbs while cutting bread, ideal for the breakfast table or when cutting bread at your countertop. The cutting board could also be used as a really nice centerpiece when sitting around the table with friends and family and enjoying some bread, cheese and a glass of wine like I recently did with all the local pecorino cheeses and wine I brought back from Sardinia.

I personally loved working with the different accessories as they are all not only beautiful to look at, something I think is really important when you use them daily, they also are of a really high quality making them perfect to place in sight in your kitchen. You can easily leave the bread cutting board on display ready for use when needed, or place it on your trolley or countertop where it will add a natural touch to your kitchen.

Ready to see more of bulthaup? Meet bulthaup at the vtwonen & design fair at Rai Amsterdam – Stand number 10- 024 from October 2-7 2018

Bezoek bulthaup op de vtwonen & designbeurs in de Rai in Amsterdam van 2-7 oktober 2018 Stand nummer: 10- 024, waarop naast een tweetal bijzondere bulthaup b3 eilandopstellingen ook de nieuwe bulthaup b Solitaire tafels en elementen worden gepresenteerd. 

This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal