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December 5, 2018

A shopping guide for a minimalistic and multifunctional home

I guess I am not alone in my longing for a more minimalistic environment, I really can't stand cupboards full of things that we might use one day or no longer care about, but like everyone else I possess a few too, with short breaks though I am thorough sorting out things for quite some time and my goal is to sell or give away most of the furniture and stuff I am not using anymore, and not just throwing away things that might be valuable for someone else, it takes longer than I would love too. 

A shopping guide for a minimalistic and multifunctional home
When Flinders asked me to create a personal report with a shopping list and colours that would fit the theme, I focused on a more minimalistic but multifunctional home where we choose more consciously what stays and what goes. With the boundaries between living room, kitchen and bedroom fading away, minimalism fits in perfectly, and having multifunctional pieces for your home helps!

Choose furniture that you can use in multiple places in your home. Think of a bench or stool that you can use at your kitchen table, in the living room or as a bedside table in the bedroom. Invest in beautiful design instead of stuffing your house full of unnecessary stuff. With less but carefully selected items, your house becomes more personal and tells your own story.

A serene and minimalistic living environment also offers more space to the things we really love. Choose carefully and go for standing out shapes with character in muted colors. Choose a lamp that forms an almost sculptural object in your space and is a real eye-catcher. Use natural materials such as marble, wood and metal and mix these with linen, and other fabrics. I selected a few items that really match this way of thinking and included some pictures I made at home and during my travels, have a look here at Flinders for my selection. 

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