Rebrush by Jingbei Zheng | imm Pure Talent contest

Exploring the work of young talents is always one of the things I really enjoy when visiting fairs like imm  Every other year you can also visit LivingKitchen and for one day I was their flying reporter and posted everything that caught my eye on their LivingKitchen Instagram account, the other days I did the same for the imm account

LivingKitchen presented a selection of young talents at their ‘Pure Talents Contest’ Winner was French Maxime Augay with his portable kitchen hood! really amazing and I hope it will get in production one day! What really stood out for me though was the work of Jingbei Zheng, an independent designer who founded her own Sweden-based studio in 2017, during her Master program at Lund University. With an exploratory and experimental approach, she brings subtle consciousness and soft emotions to the process of designing objects from raw materials, combining with philosophic and poetic concepts. 

‘Rebrush’ is a renewable kitchen cleaning set, offering an enjoyable cleaning experience for users without environmental impact. Inspired by this natural and traditional material loofah, REBRUSH explores new possibilities in its modern utility. With an easily assembled loofah head, users can replace only this part to avoid complete product waste. I really love the jewelry-like handles giving the brushes a minimal look that I love.