A monochrome home with great details in Sweden

This home located in Östermalm in Stockholm belongs to stylist and interior designer Emma Blomquist and if you ask me, it shows a perfect balance of displaying just the right amount of accessories. Having to make some decisions for a new floor plan, something I keep pushing forward as I find it really difficult, I am still emptying the space as much as possible to make the progress easier once the time is there. It means finally saying goodbye to things that take up space way to long or were giving to me, which means even some larger furniture I do not need anymore, or want to find a solution for later on.

I find this whole process really inspiring and I just love the sight of an empty wall with just a piece of art instead of two different cupboards filled with stuff. I still have different accessories floating around that I love to have on display just all the time and that’s ok for the moment…it’s all part of the masterplanplease bare with me for the time I am taking for it again. Furnishing and shaping your home into the space you love is a personal process I believe, and to be honest I love a home that is slowly changing and evolving over time.

Meanwhile we have the beautiful styled and finished homes online to look at, if you want to read more about the details of this home and its owner have a look at the Residence site to have a look. Many of the pieces can be purchased in Emma’s Online web store I wrote about before: Apartment Stories | A new Swedish brand

pictures courtesy Residence