Brand in Residence | Frama at Palazzo Galli Tassi

With a life spent between two countries for most of my life I feel really connected with almost all things Italian. Living between the two countries made me to who I am today and contributed to my love for an authentic life. I loved the primitive home with its old details we lived in as much as I sometimes hated it and it learned me I need little to satisfy my soul. Something that helps me and I understand better everyday, especially while decluttering my home and bring it back to what I really need.

I have always loved simple concrete, raw walls and old wooden floors and I wish I had been in the position to buy myself an old home in Sardinia years ago. I like to follow like minded people and their renovation proces, of whom Marie is my current favourite. She and her family recently did follow their dream and bought a house in Sicily. 

Palazzo Galli Tassi
Another beautiful old home that hit my mailbox yesterday is the artist residency Numeroventi hidden in the 500 year old Palazzo Galli Tassi, an old syrup factory in the heart of Florence. The artist residency serves as a creative collaboration with apartments and an artist residency, space for coworking and exhibition space. Behind Numeroventi is Martino di Napoli Rampolla who’s grandfather owned the factory. Together with interior designer Andrew Trotter of Open House magazine the rooms were brought to life and furnished.

Martino di Napoli Rampolla: “A few pieces from Frama were among the first to enter the space while building it, where they perfectly contrasted the stiff grandeur of the palace, giving direction to what would happen next” Niels Strøyer Christophersen of Frama recently visited the palazzo, and had a conversation with Martino about design philosophy, curiosity and friendships which you can read here at Numeroventi.