New kitchen inspiration | Masterplan 2.0

Last weekend I finally started working on some new plans for the home and my Masterplan 2.0! After some water damage I decided it was time to change the floors in some parts of my home. Something that is on my mind for a long time as you know if you come here regularly. Guess the water damage made me finally start for real with some welcoming changes, involving not only the floors but I also took down my complete kitchen and some hidden tiles, leaving me with a pretty chaos and a blanc canvas!

For me it works best to take it slow and doing one thing after another, it is all in my head like a good Masterplan should be so first things first, kitchen down, checking the needed electra for some lamps I want to add, stuc my walls…. think about the floors and paint, trying to find a solution for an ugly wall mounted cooker hood and get a new kitchen installed with appliances and a smashing countertop of which more later!

Meanwhile I enjoy the rawness as it is now… and couldn’t help myself to play around with some white linen. And don’t you think the paper lamp looks fantastic on the raw concrete floor. 

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