Three Pendant lightning solutions for the kitchen

While taking out floors and designing the ideas for my kitchen, should it be an IKEA method with the possibility to replace the doors in the future, or a kitchen designed by my local kitchen designer, I try to think ahead. And next to the major details I think about lamps and future styling ideas.

I love this new kitchen to be minimalistic and I have a few all time favourites on my wish list for years including a downdraft extractor that would give me the opportunity to add a pendent tube light or some smaller wall mounted versions above the countertop. I collected a few favourites and if you have any other alternatives I would love to hear your ideas, pop over to Instagram and leave a comment under the picture above if you feel like it, I am always happy to hear your ideas.

Frama | Eiffel lamp
First up and pictured above and below is the Frama Eiffel lamp | Pendant, made with simplicity in mind from gun blued steel. The light is being diffused thanks to the blown opal glass. I love the sturdy character of it, I am really impressed also with the wall mounted version and could easily see two smaller versions mounted on the wall, pictured below! 

Menu Task Pendant

Another favourite is the new Task Pendant by Menu Its pure, linear form not only catches the eye but also serves a key purpose: to spread light in a way ideal for countless applications, giving rise to new, flexible ways of illuminating diverse spaces.

The pendant’s light intensity and color temperature can be adjusted with an app, making it easy to create the best illumination for the time of day, season, or desired ambience. Suspended from a nearly invisible fishing wire, creating the illusion of hanging freely in mid-air. 

Anour I Model
Anour designed different almost floating Pendant lights of which the I-Model pendant is my all time favourite, available in 2 different versions, with cord or cordless and in different materials: copper, brass, steel and wood with different surface treatments. It also have an integrated touch dimmer located on the lamp to adjust the light intensity. 

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