DAWN exhibition at Nomad Workspace | 3 days of design 2019

Trying to visit every exhibition or showroom at 3 days of design is as impossible as seeing every exhibition during Milan design week. Some brands and exhibitions are located a bit further then other and unfortunately I had to skip some. The more happy I was I took the time to visit Nomad workspace first. DAWN was an exhibition offering a platform for emerging artists and designers as well as established brands showing the diversity of design, talents, and trends.

Some of my favourite Danish brands like Nuura, Nter and Krisitina Dam were part of the exhibition presented in the many different rooms of the beautiful building. Favourite room was the one above painted by Italian Matteo Bironi with sculptural work of Linda Weimann and Ursula Nistrup and Kristina Dam with her new Japanese Stool collection and ceramic among other.

pictures ¬©vosgesparis | first picture via Kristina Dam