Soft Minimalism | Masterplan 2.0

Soft minimalism is probably the mood and term that best fit my masterplan 2.0 as I love to call the changes at home I am realizing at the moment. It looks like it is taking ages before I can show you some actual results and believe me, I wish it would have been done by now. But I am patient, some things took really long to deliver and actually need some more work before they can properly been installed. It actually gives me time to think a bit longer and experience the empty space before redecorating.

While I have not only ripped out my kitchen, maybe a bit to soon, but also the floors I still live in this atelierlook kind of home I showed you before, meaning bare concrete floors and most furniture stalled in my storage. The good news is I got some beautiful newly plastered walls and testing all kind of colour samples. I already selected some new colours, and will choose some more fitting the mood I am aiming for, once I decided on the floor.


The picture above designed by Benoit Viaene kind of show what I have in mind, but I will make a proper mood board with my inspiration and show the different samples I tested from Little Greene and We are Wow Makers, a brand I used in my bedroom and kitchen before.

Design by Belgian Benoit Viaene | pictures by Eco esthetic building company Aardig gedacht  
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