A minimal collection by ignore Amsterdam | AMS NXT

After discontinuing my Amsterdam city quide app, I do kind of miss also working on my Amsterdam City blog. A blog I started long time ago to collect Amsterdam based interior hotspots, but with my focus on Vosgesparis and w/ Style and a serious lack of time I had to set priorities for myself.  I do love to stroll through my city though and as on Vosgesparis the focus is on design I though of a new blog category and show you a few times a month an Amsterdam based designer brand or fab location. Amsterdam Next, my Amsterdam city guide is also still online and might be handy to understand the different area’s. Hopefully one day I will have the time to pick this fully up again and add all addresses to the blog.
Today I love to introduce you to ign_re Amsterdam Founded by Julien van Hassel, ignore is an Amsterdam based design studio who design and develop furniture and interior accessories with a minimalist character. All products are developed with full focus on the designs itself. This enables us to encourage people to make conscious interior choices. Would we make the same decisions if we ignore all the incentives around us and focus only what we really like?

For product information please visit Ign_re Amsterdam All products are designed in the Netherlands, 90% is produced in the Netherlands as well.
Thanks for visiting Julien!