A new blog year and visiting RAW Studio and Showroom at Mallorca

March 2020 Vosgesparis will be online for 12 years and over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how 2019 has been a bit of a quiet year on the blog. It was a good year filled with some amazing work and press trips that gave me the opportunity to travel around, our work for w/ Style all next to a part job a few days a week. Vosgesparis is a personal blog, there is no team behind and I found it hard to concentrate and focus on the blog last year, something I also really missed and… I blame social media! 

Instagram is a wonderful source to find new design and inspiration but it can also be a bit overwhelming sometimes, and as we all know time consuming. Next to the amount of inspiration and a mailbox that never stops filling up, it is hard to choose what to work on first. For 2020 I decided be more focused, and use a content calendar with a few of my favourite topics to be able to convert the amount of information and inspiration that comes to me into actual blog posts.

Over the years we have been using, seen coming and going different social media but I still believe in my blog as the base of all I do. It is also a my own huge archive for everything I did and loved over the last years. One of the topics I choose to cover is ceramics as it is something I really love to show and work with. I started last week with the amazing work of Laurie Poast from Norway and today I love to take you to Mallorca, Spain. 

ceramic wall hangings

It was the ceramic wall hanging and the beautiful entrance I discovered that made me curious to find out more about the space and the people working at RAW Studio and Showroom at the island of Mallorca.

Talking with Jaume Roig, one of the owners, I discovered he works in different disciplines, such as painting as well as on different sculptures and ceramics. At the showroom and studio he paints and both his work and that of co-owner AdrianA MeuniÉ is exposed with a new exhibition coming up next month. 

Jaume kindly sent me some pictures of his work of which I selected a few for the blog.
Don’t hesitate to sent me your work for my round up of well know and new Ceramic artists on the blog! Visit RAW Studio and Showroom Carrer Mar 26, 07200 Felanitx [Open from 11 to 14h Friday to Sunday] On half an hour drive they have their studio in Ses Salinas.
More info can be found at Jaume Roig, and AdrianA MeuniÉ

painting & ceramics by Jaime Roig

 exhibition of the work of Adriana Meunie and the studio in Ses Salinas below

pictures via Jaume Roig