IV Residence by Studio Brent Lee

It is no secret I am a huge fan of Studio Brent Lee, an architectural & interior design studio based out of Sydney, Australia as I have been showing several of their work on the blog. The studio’s approach to an interior space or building is refined, leaving only the necessary structure and furnishings while applying finishes that seamlessly flow throughout the building or space.

The materials Studio Brent Lee appreciates to work with are natural and timeless, materials that have been used for centuries both for their aesthetic and functional qualities. The result of this material appreciation is a neutral and naturalistic palette that’s further enhanced by natural light and shadows. Today’s project is inspired by century old buildings that nature has slowly reclaimed,

French limestone and oak timber adorn the flooring throughout while lime plastered walls, columns and ceilings allow the building to breathe naturally. A stone pool has stairs that lead from the garden to the water within enclosed green hedges. Tadelakt finished pots and mature plant life are throughout the residence, purifying the air and giving a sense of privacy parallel to the tall glass and patinated iron French doors that open to the lush hinterland. Some buildings need no further explanation… just look how the sun gently shines into the kitchen.

Design Studio Brent Lee // pictures klaudia Adamiak via Studio Brent Lee