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Last year I already had the chance to see a glimpse of the new collection in Copenhagen and when recently strolling through the catalogue of 101 Copenhagen I fell in love all over again with their style and collection. Many of the new pieces I could without any doubt add to my interior as they have a both Brutal and minimal Japanese style in one. Pieces with names as Kyoto and Osaka are inspired by sculptural shapes of ancient Japanese and Chinese vases and traditions.

I am still working on my Masterplan 2.0 and with the new kitchen, floors and wall colours I am well on my way. When you follow my blog or Instagram for some time you know I am mostly torn to dark colours, shapes and materials as metal and ceramic. The thing I am most searching for at the moment are different lamps, not only for the living but certainly also for the hall and kitchen.

I love beautiful shaped lamps with dimmers in the corners of a space, on a cabinet or on the floor with a beautiful wall behind. No wonder I not only fell in love with the different objects and the new furniture pieces, I can really see the Bull lamp adding a beautiful statement to my home and please bring the pedestal along! While most retailers are closed at the moment or offer private shopping you can also shop all items online in the webshop of 101 Copenhagen where you will also find an online shop near you.

For this blogpost I collected some of my favourites of the moment and being a collector of beautiful shaped objects the Kyoto vases pictured above immediately caught my eye! 
Inspired by sculptural shapes of ancient Japanese and Chinese vases, Kyoto is designed as a cross of four massive walls, lifting up an oval shaped sphere. The vase has a circular opening in the middle, characterised by the unfinished meeting between the four walls. Kyoto is made from fiber ⁠concrete and comes in two sizes.⁠

Another love at first sight spotted last year during 3 days of design in the showroom in Copenhagen is ‘Osaka’ The Osaka bowl is inspired by ceramic storage objects from Asia.I love the combination of the gentle bowl and the straight lines

Oka Tray
With it’s sculptural and architectural shapes the Oka Tray brings character into any interior scheme. The tray is cast in solid fiber concrete, adding a certain heaviness to the brutalistic object, while also creating a unique and refined surface texture. 


Bull Lamp
The Bull lamp is a sculptural lamp, inspired by the characteristic use of animal pictures in Danish Modernism from 1940s to 1960s. The lamp is named after its bull like lampshades of opal glass, which gives a smooth light scattering and a characteristic expression.⁠ Both available as a table lamp or standing lamp as pictured below.



Brutalist is a sculptural table lamp made from cast lightweight concrete with a hidden light source. The lamp is named after the architectural style Brutalism, and is inspired by architectural masterpieces by Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. Brutalist consists of merged geometric shapes, where the composition of elements reflects the need to both hide and maximize the light source. The contrasting concrete material creates a nuanced surface, which beautifully reflects the adjustable light source

Brutus collection
The Brutus collection is inspired by the architectural Brutalism movement of the mid 20th century. ⁠Each style is designed as a simplified block-like structure, which reminisces architectural building ⁠components of concrete. Brutus also refers to the Roman Empire, founders of classic architectural ⁠geometry. Material fiber concrete ⁠

Pictures via 101Copenhagen