A new vase at home | Studio Piet Boon for Serax

I am not an impulsive buyer and are quite selective of what comes into my home, hence I have some things for years. But these days when spending more time at home and missing visiting my design stores downtown, I get really happy with some new accessory for my home. Some weeks ago I joined a press breakfast at Grand & Johnson at their studio and store. It was a lovely morning and a great opportunity to have a first look at the beautiful new design and products.

Among their collection a series of five vases
by Studio PietBoon for Serax which immediately caught my eye because of their colour, material and shape. Staying mostly at home at the moment and impatient to lay my hands on one of the vases, I was able to purchase one of them through the webshop of their stylist Notthatstylist Now I only need to find some nice branches!

Vase Collection
Studio Piet Boon played with the different thicknesses and heights that they always saw reappearing in commercial vases. By experimenting with them, volumes of different heights have been created at the top. For the vase collection’s earthy colour palette the studio got inspiration from paintings by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.  


pictures ©Vosgesparis | last two pictures by Serax