A perfect atmosphere with Duca candleholders & a new lamp

Although it might be a slow process in your eyes, I still make small changes to my home everyday. Whether it is rearranging a cabinet or strolling hours over the internet through different catalogs and websites for the best interior items. I know what I want to achieve to create a comfortable home for myself and isn’t the process of searching and dreaming part of the fun? There are still two important things though that really need my attention: window decoration, most of the wooden blinds are broken, and lighting!

For me creating a home I love, is all about finding the right atmosphere, which is really personal and different for each of us. Light is an important factor in creating the right atmosphere in a room, an art I am still mastering. Just like my furniture I think it is important the lamps and candleholders I choose fit every room in my home. It gives me the opportunity to switch items and to create something new every time without losing sight of my desire for minimalism. 

Creating atmosphere with candles and dimmable lighting 
I want to invest in a few beautiful and carefully selected lamps for my home. Apart from lamps that create the right atmosphere, I like to be able to adjust the brightness of the lights, depending on my mood or the time of day. When selecting the right lamps, dimmable lighting is a must-have for me! Apart from perfect lamps, there is no greater atmosphere-creator than candles! I light a few every night and have a small collection of
 Design Candleholders. My latest purchase is a few beautiful ‘Duca’ candleholders by Menu.




MENU’s Duca Candleholder adjusts to the perfect height
After collecting black candle holders for years I am really happy with my new candleholders. The sleek brass silhouette, available in polished or bronzed finish contribute to the new atmosphere I am after. Tactile rattan brings a homely feeling to the design. The best thing though of the new Menu Duca Candleholders is the function that allows you to adjust the height of the candleholder by extending or shortening the length of the telescopic stem as the candle burns which makes it possible to adjust the candleholder as needed.

While working with a blacksmith, the Danish design studio Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen discovered a simple mechanical detail used to extend the height of objects and it became the key element of the Duca Candleholder and I just love it! 


I already bought a few lamps I still need to place, and I got my eye on a new kitchen lamp and some other and will hopefully show you more soon. My latest purchase is the Menu Reverse lamp, it was love at first sight when seeing the lamp at imm cologne

I placed it in my kitchen on the new sideboard where it casts warm light, dimmable later on the evening but it literally fits everywhere in my home. The conical travertine base is left raw to let the light highlight its natural imperfections and the bronzed aluminium shape is just perfect. 


Written in collaboration with Misterdesign
all images ©vosgesparis