Styling white ceramic pendant lamps above my kitchen table


Moebe ceramic lamp

I always love to see how a product I love looks and feel in real life and experience how it fits my own home. The ceramic pendant lamps by Moebe tick all the boxes, not only do I really love ceramic, the shape of the pendant lamps is really beautiful too and I was happy to get the chance to see and play with the design at my own kitchen.

Due to all the restrictions lately we sadly were not able to travel and for this w/ Style collaboration, Wen and I decided to each style and photograph the items in our individual homes. Which also gives you an idea how the lamps fit in two different styled homes at the same time.

The possibility to illuminate directly or to an angle opened gave me lots of different options on how to hang the lamps. I think they look really pretty placed in a row above the table, and I can see endless options to vary with the shades throughout any home.


Moebe ceramic lamp
The shades I used are circular at the base, and rectangular at the top and sits freely to the cord. This allows the shade to angle left, right and completely rotate around. I love how the pendant has been left unglazed, and raw. Burnt at over 1100°C,  a final matt and fine-textured surface was created. The shade is handmade and therefore, every lamp slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making each pendant unique. Recently Moebe also released new colours: Terracotta, Olive and Light Grey.
As said, we have a kind of double post with our friends at Moebe today, one here on Vosgesparis and at the same time Wen shows a different lamp from the collection and styled the new Moebe storage boxes at her blog at BeeldSTEIL. The way the boxes are assembled remind me of the famous picture frames by Moebe we used in the Hoxton apartment. Minimal and very clever at the same time if you ask me like most of Moebe’s design!


Moebe ceramic lamp


Moebe ceramic lamp
Written in collaboration with Moebe 

Styling and photography vosgesparis // photo editing BeeldSTEIL


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