A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone


If you have been watching me painting my home over the last year you know I have used lots of paint from the Gray colour card collection by Little Greene throughout my home. I mostly used Tusk and in the living I used Mortar, as you can see in the picture above. Also really curious to try out one of my other first choices: Limestone. Earlier I also wrote about the process of choosing colours for my home: A new colour moodboard for my home including a new Pinterest board filled with inspiration and ideas for a new colour scheme: New Colours | New home

Now Little Greene present a new colour card “Stone”, a new, versatile palette of natural tones that radiate warmth, tranquility, timelessness and harmony. “Stone” is a coordinated collection of 36 neutrals, comprising 22 new additions to the Little Greene palette and 14 shades, judiciously selected from the Little Greene archives. To be next month, Januari 2021! 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

The new Stone collection consists of six color families, organized by undertone and based on the naturally occurring pigments Red Ocher, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. The Stone color chart is conveniently organized into six columns of the graduated color families. 

The wide range of colours represents the individual stone tones. The card is designed to make color selection easy. Colours in the same column can easily be used side by side within tonal color schemes. Shades from the individual color families can be combined to create a more dynamic, contrasting combination. Just like the Grey colour card I used really useful as a guide to choose the right colours for your home.

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

Colours with a story

“Stone” brings together a harmonious palette of colours, collected from an eclectic mix of grand and modest sources; from striking walls of prestigious entertainment halls to delicate tones of more modest rooms, to colours of decorative elements such as woodwork, plasterwork, stonework, upholstery, ceramics and wall coverings.

Eleven of the new colours in the Stone collection are the result of Little Greene’s ongoing color research in the portfolio of National Trust properties. With this, the cataloging of original colours from important periods of interior design has continued. Not only paint colours have been explored, but also architectural elements, tapestries and even stone. I really love the historical aspect when it comes to the launch of a new colour card. 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

New neutrals

This capsule collection of warm neutrals offers a welcome turnaround after the ever-popular decade of gray! The transition to soft, more natural colours, often referred to as the “new neutrals,” makes earthy, stony hues increasingly popular, offering a soothing alternative to cooler choices. The Stone colours can be applied in all areas of the home and add warmth, calm and simplicity as well as a sophisticated complementary decor for a variety of fabrics, wall coverings and furniture.

There is certainly a shift from cooler grays to the warmer neutral tones that the Stone palette offers. These colours are perfect for creating calming living spaces, while also achieving undeniable elegance in both a modern and classic setting. This is not about a return to the colour beige or magnolia. It’s all about creating elegant and inviting interiors with these new neutral colours. 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

first image ©vosgesparis All other images courtesy Little Greene