New lamps and colours by Faina

Twice a year during the Winter and Summer solstice, days with powerful terrestrial and solar energy, Faina renews its collection. Victoria Yakusha: “We follow the Sun and begin our new cycle with it. Solstice is a time of regrowth and renewal” In many cultures the Winter Solstice was associated with the natural beginning of the year honoured by festivals and rituals. A sacred living fire and light are traditional symbols of celebrations reinterpreted by Faina in modern lighting.

Handcrafted with a technique used for traditional Ukrainian dwellings a long ago, Soniah lamps feature living textures made of a unique organic material ‚ztista’. Ztista is a blend of clay, paper, wooden chips, and straw. The material is a special invention of FAINA, which could be used both for indoor and outdoor.


The se
t of floor lamps ‘Soniah’ are modeled after a sunflower, which is of special
importance in Ukraine. Living creatures grow out of the ground and greet the Sun with the massive heads.
The concept is continued in a pendant lamp, a table lamp and a set of sconces which I really love myself. Originally presented in white, and available in palette of natural colours.






Mysterious Polyn Set

New colours also for the Polyn set, dedicated to the sacred plant — wormwood (in Ukrainian “polyn”)
In ancient times, housewives swept the hut with wormwood brooms — always from the corners to the doors, so that there were no evil spirits in the house.

The pale-green color of the sacred plant revives in Faina’s upholstered furniture and lighting, complemented with a living spirit of mysterious coffee tables with uneven tops and a cabinet with stand-out holes made of black clay.



Images by Faina