Artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen in solid oak

I came across this solid oak kitchen based on the idea of a piece of furniture with a kitchen’s functionality: The artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen. Each kitchen is produced locally by skilled craftsmen at Tre Sekel in Tibro, Sweden. The unique skill of the carpenters is used to ensure that every detail of the kitchen is thought through and the kitchen is made with a craft that is unusual when it comes to kitchen manufacturing.

Each kitchen is manufactured based on each customer’s unique dimensions and conditions at no extra cost. The kitchen is also delivered assembled ready to be placed.Cabinet frames, drawers and doors are made of solid wood from Swedish forests. The oak is treated with soap or by smoking, a surface that can withstand wear with dignity. The drawers are joined by sinking with furnishings of, among other things, Tärnsjö leather. A material I remember from my visit to Fredericia and seeing the making of the Spanish chair Copenhagen Design tour by Fredericia & Georg Jensen


Kitchen in solid oak

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