5 soft curved design sofas to upgrade your home

Last month I showed you five modular sofas and today a few more Design sofas in natural colours to choose from. My search for the perfect sofa continues, because let’s be honest, buying a new sofa is not cheap and one of those pieces of furniture that you certainly want to enjoy for a number of years.

Even though I mainly use the couch to chill, watch a movie or a power nap, there are plenty of times I find myself on the couch with my laptop, and I must confess that I often, multitasking and all that, have dinner on the couch too. But what to choose if you want a couch that is good to sit and work on by day and comfortable by night. While with a modular seating area you can really go wild in your living room and create a great chill area that you can easily change. It will get hotel chic and sophisticated with the super trendy curved sofas!

Soft in shape due to its curves, the curved sofa will remain a popular choice also in 2021 and a real statement in your interior. These Design sofas are beautiful if given enough space and often the back is also beautiful shaped, making it even more an eye-catcher. Not only are sofas in white and beige to be seen everywhere, the choice of fabrics is also enormous and we especially see wonderfully cuddly bouclé and teddy a lot. I went through the huge collection of Design furniture and lined up a number of natural sofas for you with a friendly curved shape and a comfortable seat, partly due to the higher backrests.

soft curved design sofa

& Tradition Loafer sofa

The & Tradition Loafer sofa is a design by the Danish design studio Space Copenhagen and an extension of the Loafer Fauteuil, which the designer duo designed in collaboration with & tradition for the iconic Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Loafer is inspired by the majestic spiral staircase and round pillars that can be found in the hotel lobby and the designers wanted to design a piece of furniture that could create a sense of intimacy in this very open space.

Choose the couch in Velvet, a strong fabric from & Tradition itself or Karakorum. Karakorum is a fabric from Dedar that consists of bouclé wool and viscose and is inspired by a type of lamb fur from the Astrakhan sheep, which is known for its small, soft and shiny curls. Available in a two-and three-seater and perfect if you are looking for a sofa with a firm but comfortable seat.
soft curved design sofas

New works Covent Sofa

The design of the New Works Covent Sofa Deep Three-seater invites you to really snuggle up. The sofa has a wooden construction with high-quality foam on top and is upholstered with attention and a great example of the expertise of Danish craftsmanship. The Covent Sofa is available in four different neutral colours.

The Covent Sofa Deep is slightly deeper than the Covent Sofa Narrow. This makes this sofa more like a lounge sofa. Would you prefer a slightly more active seat? Then the Covent Sofa Narrow Two-seater might be more suitable.




Menu Tearoom Sofa

The picture above is probably one of the most seen pictures after the opening event of The Audo, the beautiful headquarter where everything of Danish Menu comes together in one space. The chairs are part of the Tearoom series and I remember looking at them during 3 days of Design when together with a group of familiar and long time blogging friends we had a first glimpse of The Audo. I still hope to check in one day in one of their beautiful guest suites.

Back to sofa’s, the Tearoom Sofa, pictured below, is just like the Tearoom chair designed by Scottish designer Nick Ross. Pairing the luxurious feel of full upholstery with a clean silhouette rooted in geometric forms, the Tearoom Series is as appealing to the touch as it is easy on the eyes. While creating the clean silhouette, Ross took exceptional care to imbue every inch with mood-lifting comfort. Timeless in its expression and execution, the Tearoom Series is well-suited to both period and contemporary environments from exclusive hotels, clubs and lounges to private homes.









Ferm Living Rico Divan & Sofa’s

The Rico series welcomes curves and volumes into a classic design defined by soft lines and an embracing expression. The Divan is a piece of furniture all its own and I could easily see a few together if you have enough space. On the other hand it could pass as a daybed, bears a resemblance to a settee, and gives off chaise lounge vibes. I think it is a really beautiful designed Divan in timeless bouclé fabric within the Rico Series.

Voluminous shapes are central to the warm Rico collection. The combination of volume, broad lines and elegance is perfectly balanced so that classic and modern meet in this collection. The series consists of a 3-seater sofa, a 4-seater sofa, an armchair, a divan and a stool. All in beautiful colours!




Gubi Stay Sofa

The Danish brand Gubi was founded in 1967 by Liesbeth and Gubi Olsen and now includes a beautiful collection of design furniture such as chairs, lamps, bar stools, tables and mirrors. The unique thing is that they excel at re-polishing forgotten icons. The policy of the Danish Gubi has led to the relaunch of forgotten gems from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

From their innovative point of view they create progressive design and over the years they have always managed to hold on to their own views, way of thinking and conviction. That makes Gubi a brand with its own expression.
This can also be recognized in the Stay Sofa by Space Copenhagen which has been designed with a clear focus on comfort and a sculptural and organic shape that, besides from giving a contemporary look, also embraces the user and encourages to stay seated. The sofa is available in four different sizes and different fabric and leather.


Written in collaboration with MisterDesign