An all natural Zara Home collection

Looking back at the different styles I went through and covered on the blog, there has been things that never changed and I have always loved. The use of linen at home is certainly one of them, I have seen and used both whites and greys. And while covering lots of Paola Navone ghost sofa’s in homes she designed with imperfect raw and south European structured walls, I never owned one. Have a look here at some of the homes designed by Paola Navone.

The images of this campaign by Zara home remind me of  these sofa’s and my first blog years when I was all into grey’s and this French country style. The difference and what I really like in this first picture, is the combination of natural fabrics, stone, natural wood and the black organic shaped table instead of the raw wooden coffee table you would expect. Here are some more images of this collection by Zara Home.

Images by Zara Home