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Bonden Core collection | Nordic home textiles

The crushed natural texture of the Tuiski blanket was what initially made me fall in love with Bonden, the Finnish brand, known for its uncomplicated Nordic design and local craftsmanship. I have been using their blankets for some years now and beside the blankets really fit my home and add some needed texture. I also experienced the comfort of Finnish lamb wool and how it acts as a natural thermostat both in Summer and on chilly days.

Today I love to introduce the Bonden Core collection to you, the result of five years of work by Kati, owner of Bonden. This month Bonden will open a brick store in Helsinki ánd later this year you will also be able to shop part of the collection directly from my online store together with other products I selected. Subscribe to my newsletter or follow on Instagram @vosgesparis or @vosgesparisstore to be the first to know once we go live.


Bonden Core collection blankets


Bonden Core collection

Quality over quantity has been the starting point for the development of Bonden Core. A collection of  inspiring home decor, which allows you to decorate serenely and timelessly with natural and refined fabrics. All materials and products are ecologically and ethically manufactured.

Additionally Bonden wants to support the revitalisation of the Nordic handicraft skills. Products are made with local artisans and skilled manufacturers from the materials with Nordic traditions. The collection consists of  three blankets: Jurmo, Tuisku and Kajo. And three cushions: Kaarna, Punos and Jammi



Cushions – Bonden Core collection

Within the Collection three different cushions were designed, different technics were used and just like the blankets they all give that bit of extra texture, and can be used throughout your home. Each Bonden cushion cover includes an inner pillow (60×40 cm or 40×40 cm) which is made of recycled (98%) PET bottles. The wadding is allergic free.

Bonden Core Collection Jammi Cushion

Jammi cushion

Smooth jumbo waffle texture  in natural beige or white. Size: 60×40 cm, zipper in the back. Material: 55 % finnish lamb wool, 45% organic wool (GOTS), zipper in the back.


Bonden Core Collection Jammi Cushion



Kaarna cushion

Timeless cushion with fringe trimmings and Basket texture in Natural light beige or Natural brown. Size 60×40 cm.Material: 66% Finnish lambwool, 44% organic cotton (GOTS), zipper in the back



VOSGESPARIS Bonden Punnos cushion

Punos cushion

Square 40×40 cm cushion in Basket texture with piping. Material 66% Finnish lambwool, 44% organic cotton (GOTS), zipper in the side.


VOSGESPARIS Bonden Punnos cushion


Bonden Core collection blankets

Tuisku blanket – travel blanket

Made out of crushed natural texture this reversible blanket is naturally functional and I have been using it throughout my home. Both on my bed as a beautiful layer and small blanket during warm Summer nights as well as on the couch and outdoors.

It is perfect for between the seasons use: the Finnish lamb wool side keeps you warm when it’s cold and the linen side keeps you cool when it’s warm.  Size: appx. 130 x 200 cm. Material: 42% Finnish lamb wool, 13% natural linen, 45% organic cotton (GOTS)


Bonden core collection blanket


Bonden Core collection blankets

Jurmo blanket – travel blanket

The Jurmo blanket has a smooth jumbo waffle texture. Available in Natural light beige and Natural white this breathable and soft blanket is perfect for the cooler seasons when extra warmth is needed.
Size: appx. 130×200 cm Material: 55 % Finnish lamb wool , 45% organic wool (GOTS)


Vosgesparis Bonden core collection blanket

Kajo blanket

Kajo is a super light Natural light beige wool blanket that is a perfect accessory to any home during the warmer season. It has quickly become another favourite of mine due its beautiful structure that adds the right texture to my home. When travelling, the kajo blanket is a space-efficient accessory. .
Size: appr.150×180 cm Material: 55 % Finnish lamb wool, 45% organic wool (GOTS)


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