Vincenzo de Cotiis and The essence of time

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably have read earlier articles about the homes and work of Vincenzo de Cotiis. Have a look here to see a few articles I wrote before: Vincenzo de Cotiis. Today I love to show you more of Palazzo Digerini in Pietrasanta, Italy.


Childhood memories

When Claudia Rose De Cotiis, wife of Italian architect and artist Vincenzo De Cotiis and CEO of their company, first entered the villa of Palazzo Digerini in Pietrasanta, she immediately detected the scent of holy water mixed with incense wafting from the walls of what was once a convent inhabited by nuns at the end of the nineteenth century. The abandoned and partially destroyed building in all its serenity allowed her to experience a sense of ancient spirituality and brought back memories of her childhood.


The contrast between old and new

Vincenzo: “Claudia Rose and I have always lived in homes full of history; we like the contrast between old and new, but mainly, we like to relive what has already been experienced because a place imbued with history conveys the possibility of re-interpretation.” In typical De Cotiis style, the rooms and ceilings have been left distressed, with only the details restored, such as decorative plasterwork done by skilled craftsmen.

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Photography by Salva López