A lighting and furniture design studio in Mallorca

Looking online for ceiling spotlights I came across Contain, a lighting and furniture design studio by Mauricio Obarrio and Juan Peralta with a workshop in sunny Mallorca. The island where they decided to live.

Inspired by the local culture, their mission is to facilitate aesthetic innovation and the exploration of materials. Their collection is therefore the result of the collaboration between the studio, local artisans and the industrial sector; where, as they say, creativity and simplicity creates a unique synergy and generates a narrative between the materials used and the pieces created.



Alabaster collection

It was such a pleasure to scroll through the many different lighting and if you visit the site, also have a look at the many beautiful projects done by Contain. I especially loved the Alabaster collection they released last year after a year working and exploring with the alabaster stone, that they found in a Spanish quarry.


Salty Ball

Another lamp that caught my eye is definitely the ‘Salty Ball’ made out of Blown glass from local production with salty process, find more information here: Salty Ball 



Images courtesy Contain