Marie Olsson collection with HK Living

I previously showed a few designs by Marie Olsson-Nylander on the blog and you might have seen her Swedish tv show. In the show a late 18th-century palazzo in the oldest district of Termini Imerese, Sicily is trestorated by Marie and her husband Bill.

Marie is an interior stylist, antique lover, decorator and has a refined taste. She has an eye for details and special colours. Not everything has to be perfect, The preserved facade of her Sicilian home, Palazzo Cirillo, is in a beautiful pink. The home is filled with things Marie collected over the years and brought over from Sweden combined with vintage finds from different countries, including the may Sicilian flea markets and second hand shops.

Marie Olsson X HK Living.

I was really thrilled learning Marie developed her own collection, consisting of 14 exclusive items, together with Dutch HKLiving. The line is first available at Swedish Artilleriet

HK Living: ‘Be surprised by hand painted designs, grand furniture and deep colours. The soft materials make it almost impossible not to fall in love. Each product is composed with love and care by Marie, rethought and brought to life by the creative eye of the HKliving designers. In this collaboration, HKliving pushing its boundaries, with bold items that deserve extra care and attention.’ 

On my blog I always try to add a personal note to every post , a memory or a personal story. No wonder I loved the personal note by each design where Marie shares why this particular item is part of her collection. I selected a few of my favourite items of the collection, more items like lamps and vases on Artilleriet.

Teste di Moro Siciliane Pots

I immediately recognized the head being inspired by an antique shop find of Marie in Sicily!

Marie: “I love them, the first thing we bought for our palazzo! I bought a pair at a vintage market years ago. Apart from the fact that they are handmade, there is also a mysterious story behind them. In Palermo, a young woman decided to take revenge on her current lover, who was about to leave her. While he slept, she beheaded him, so that her lover would stay with her forever. She planted some basil which bloomed so beautifully that the whole neighborhood in Palermo copied the idea and made clay pots of the shape of a Moor’s head.”


Gli otto Immortali Lantern

Marie: “I like to mix the world in my interiors. This hand made and hand painted lantern is like a painting with light in it. The drawing depicts the Chinese mythology about the Eight Immortals, who are believed to know the secrets of nature. They individually represent the man, the woman, the old, the young, the rich, the noble, the poor, and the humble Chinese. The lantern is meant to be large enough for larger spaces, such as hotels and restaurants.”


Pouff in Lana

Marie: “This pouf made of wool is super cool! It is inspired by my fluffy rugs. You can use it as a chair – we put it in the hallway, perfect for sitting on while waiting for the rest of the family. But it also works well as a unique addition to your interior, a big fluffy ornament.”


Divano Lounge Sofa & Coperta Patchwork Throw

Divano Lounge, designed by Marie Olsson Nylander for HKLiving, is a large velvet sofa with a vintage look.

“I wanted to make a sofa that would be suitable for at least a family of six, like my own. It’s so hard to find one and when you do, they often have a boring design. And the ones with a cool design are often not comfortable. But the battle is over! This beautiful brown velvet sofa is both comfortable and big enough for a larger family or group of friends. I hope you will love it too.”

The coperta (Throw) was designed for a show a few years ago. It was made of very exclusive fabrics and it took 3 weeks to make it. It became super expensive so Marie decided to keep it herself. Not liking to have things that she doesn’t use because being afraid to break them. She decided to make it again in this collection. The best part says Marie, is that you can also use it as art on your wall, so it has multiple functions now.”


Sedia in three colours

Marie: “This chair is special because it is timeless! Put one alone to accentuate the room, I like to mix it up at a dining table with other chairs. Besides being very comfortable, it is a chair that goes with all styles.”
The chair is available in three different colours.

Consolle in Marmo

Marie: “I love it when products are not all the same. This table is made of natural marble, so each piece has a unique colour and pattern. The beautiful dark colour is something you don’t often see these days. It fits nicely in narrow hallways, bedrooms or maybe even in your bathroom.”

Specchio Anticato Mirror

An old made mirror on the pink walls of the home in Sicily. the colour on the walls always bring a smile on my face as my Sardinian mother in law used to have her walls painted in the same colour and later on we used it in our own home. I can only say it looks amazing to see the marble console with the mirror in this home where so many details have been preserved by Marie and Bill.

Marie : “Who doesn’t love mirrors? I love them! Always have, always will. You don’t get tired of them, as you sometimes do with paintings on the wall. They reflect the light, open up any room and give it new dimensions. I love this French look mixed with Italian steel chairs from 1978. It is big and completely hand made, something you don’t see very often, and I am so proud of it.”

I hope you enjoyed having a look in Marie’s world and this collection as much as I did.  I hope to see some pieces in real life soon here in the Netherlands.