Temenos | Galerie Philia x Seven contemporary designers at Baranzate Ateliers for Milan Design week 2022

In my last post I explained some more about the all new Baranzate Ateliers during Milan Design week 2022, have a look here if you missed my images of the space and the work of Arno de Clerq: Zaventem Ateliers & friends at Milan Design week 2022

Today more about ‘Temenos’ the show by Galerie Philia, who displayed exclusive creations commissioned from 7 contemporary designers. Studiopepe unveiled their first collectible design collection in collaboration with Galerie Philia as well as sculptural design works from Samuel Costantini, Morghen, Andrés Monnier, Jérôme Pereira, Cristián Mohaded, Pierre de Valck.


Thoth table by Studiopepe

Studiopepe x Galerie Philia

United by their common interest in anthropology and the study of artifacts from ancient cultures, Galerie Philia and Studiopepe conceptualised an immersive experience for the Temenos project. Inspired by the circular dimensions of ancient sacral monuments, such as Stonehenge and the dome of the Pantheon, a stately temple-like cylindrical structure symbolising life, nature and cosmic renewal will be installed in the centre of the exhibition space, creating a radical contrast as well as a dialogue with the surrounding industrial architecture. A synaesthetic video will be projected on the floor of a round white surface, emulating a water pond, historically used for divination.

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Jolla Uno firebowl by Andres Monnier

Hermanos sculptures and Frontera Floor lamps by Christian Mohaded 
Timetable by Pierre de Valck with Kairo by Morghen on the left

On the stones
Pre Colombian art from the first Millenium 
third Millenium BC Egyptian vase

Timetable by Pierre de Valck 

Kairo by Morghen

Kairo by Morghen

Frontera Floor lamps by Christian Mohaded 

Planck by Jerome Pereira

Steel hand sculpted shelf by Samuel Constantini

Images ©vosgesparis / video by Galerie Philia