BRYCK The design label for indoors and outdoors

You might have seen the sneak peek from my patio on Instagram, where I shared my new BRYCK Two- Seater. A design couch by Dutch label BRYCK that is suitable for outside, but will also look perfect inside your home. My patio is not really big, and after some measuring, a two seater with hocker seemed the right fit for it. The couch is also available as a one sit chair, with or without armpits or a three sit couch.

Looking at the sample book with the different colours and fabric options, I did not had to think long about what to choose as I wanted the couch to be as light as possible. I choose the couch and hocker in the Semi White – Smooth Collection, the fabric has a lovely texture that complements the white tiles of my patio and the colour fits the couch I have in my adjacent living room. 

I will show some more of my patio and the couch as soon as I get to take some pictures, keep an eye on my Instagram for that! I can already tell you it is perfect to have a coffee outside and catch some last rays of October sun. Have a look at the picture below made on my patio and the hocker to see the beautiful texture.



How much do you want to relax?

What BRYCK asked themselves is: How do we want to sit and how much do we want to relax? As said, next to the two seater lounge couch I choose, the couch is also available as a one sit chair, with or without armpits or a three sit couch. Beside the regular couches we see the versatile Stretch and Pill-O. Which give you a different or maybe even more of a lounge feeling than the regular couches and are a great option to take outside with you into nature.

BRYCK stands for solid Dutch manufacture and is unique in its kind. Each BRYCK from the outdoor collection is made of high-quality, sunproof and precipitation-friendly textile and equipped with separate bean bag inner covers. The lounge cushions are well filled with recycling-friendly, super insulating EPS for the perfect seat. The average delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


Pinterest inspiration

Have a look in the Pinterest album I made in collaboration with BRYCK to see the different options in size and colour of this particular model. There are some different models as well, like a more sturdy version with small legs as pictured below. In the Pinterest album I will add more images from the different collections by Bryck, have a look here to get a first impression and follow me for updates: BRYCK furniture on my Pinterest


BYS Tables & Accessories

To complete your lounge corner, BRYCK developed the stainless steel matt black Salon and Side table BYS with matching candle stand and matching candle. The tubular candle holder has a strong magnet, which means that it stands straight and safe on the tables. If, like me, you love to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible, take a look at BRYCK’s accessories collection, including their high-quality plaids.


This post is written in collaboration with BRYCK furniture