How to create an Italian style sitting area with Acerbis

Have you, like me, ever thought about what your home would look like if you changed your current style to the opposite of what you have now? What if you could do something completely different in terms of decor, what would you go for? When browsing through interior design magazines and coming across beautifully decorated houses filled with Italian design, it sometimes make me wonder. What if I had the chance to decorate my own house with beautiful Design furniture of Italian origin.

Following the dream, I see rooms with high ceilings, in true palazzo style, walls in a soft chalky stucco finish and beautiful dark wooden floors. And ofcourse a spacious sitting area and a low element sofa with thick, soft cushions that invites you to plop on the couch! Maybe even a chunky eye-catching cupboard.

My curiosity for design always keeps me busy and while being completely happy with my own sofa, I can’t help to daydream and look into different brands with the thought…what if? Thinking into that other direction of furnishing my home I love to show you what I found for this imaginary living of mine from  Acerbis


Functional and stylish designs by Acerbis

The Italian Acerbis was founded in 1870 by Benvenuto Acerbis, great-grandfather of Enrico Acerbis, the current owner of the brand. Acerbis, like other Italian factories, has contributed to the development and dissemination of Italian furniture design since the 1960s.

Roberto Monsani started his professional career in Florence by designing homes and urban development plans in Tuscany, followed by commercial buildings and shops worldwide. In 1973, from the restructuring of a sales centre inside Palazzo Ferroni, Life was born: conceived as an artistic solution, it became an industrial product in 1974, the year in which the collaboration between Acerbis and Monsani began. Which brings us back to my imaginary living and its first item: The beautiful modular Life Sofa!


Life Sofa

In envisioning new styles of living, Roberto Monsani imagined solutions to reshape the home, and the Life couch — so avant-garde it was never produced in series in Monsani’s day — retains its modern edge. Maintaining its modular and flexible design, the sofa’s original lucite frame has been elongated and updated with versions in dark stained walnut and black ash. The sofa is also equipped with long legs that provide a feeling of airiness.

The Life Bank consists of three different modules that can be combined. There is a seat module, an M pouf and an S pouf. The modules are made up of large cushions that consist of polyurethane foam filled with feathers and upholstered in various fabrics. All parts can be easily attached to each other.


Close up of the Life sofa in a beautiful autumn colour with in the back Acerbis Maestro table, another design by Acerbis. Inspired by Japanese manufacturing techniques and aesthetics, Maestro features a slatted wooden base.


Storet Cabinet

I promised you an eye-catching cupboard right! Storet is a playful, spirited pillar of drawers. that was included in the ‘Bedside collection’ of Acerbis in 1994. Today, the cabinet is equipped with contemporary elements that guarantee the preservation of the poetic dimension and ensure that the Storet Storage Cabinet is a stylish storage space for every room.

The invisible drawers are the main element of the cabinet. With their round shapes and high-gloss lacquered finish, available in six different colours, the eight drawers provide a classic and modern look. The cabinet has a wood veneer in black ash or dark stained walnut. Which, together with the high-gloss lacquer drawers, provide a nice contrast.



Gong table

No sitting area without a large coffee table or as I prefer these days few small tables. Gong by Gianfranco Frattini is available in diverse heights and diameters and the perfect table to create a family of proportions for sculptures, plants, and other decor. In a muted brushed finish of brass or gunmetal, the metals present a new emphasis on materiality, with a column in the same colour or contrasting in brass, and a tabletop and base in iron, all in gleaming, elemental purity. The different versions can be combined with each other. Have a look at MisterDesign for the different options, as well as a selection of five different designs made by them.


This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign