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My grandmother on my father’s side was a strong lady with her own shop in the Amsterdam area ‘De Pijp’. Descended from Frisian ancestors, a beautiful portrait of a family member in full costume hung above her bed at her apartment in one of the characteristic streets of Amsterdam South.

Having Frisian roots myself makes it a doubly pleasure to highlight a Frisian company on the blog today. Pilat&Pilat was founded in 1973 as a furniture maker and antique shop. And just like my grandmother, and maybe myself too, it is a tough, Frisian company. The designs of Pilat&Pilat are sustainable and with wood as a basic element, the products feel warm, rich and familiar.


Wooden Tables

A wooden table for my kitchen is high on my wishlist, and while looking into wooden furniture I found the ‘Pake Sytse Dining Table’ series, designed by Gjalt Pilat. A robust design thanks to the thick tabletop and the clean lines that form the basis of the design. The table comes in different designs: oval, round and rectangular versions. Available in different finishes in solid wood, such as oak, smoked oak and walnut, there is a table for every taste.


The Pake Sytse Oval dining table is made of solid wood and is available in oak, smoked oak and walnut. The dining table has a height of 76 centimeters, with a leaf thickness of 4 centimeters.

Pake Sytse Dining Table

‘Pake’ is grandfather in Frisian language and by the name of the Pake Sytse table you can tell that at Pilat&Pilat everything revolves around people. I really like the sturdy table, a robust design thanks to the slightly rounded thick table top and the clean lines that form the basis of the design. Gjalt Pilat was inspired by the authentic Frisian bell chair: a wooden frame in which one or more bells are mounted. The design language of the bell chair is clearly reflected in the complicated base of the dining table. Something that I think is one of the most beautiful features of this table series.

The square dining table has both a length and width of 160 centimeters and consists of a base with eight legs. Moreover, the table is available in different heights: 76 centimeters to use as a dining table and 104 centimeters, which makes the table suitable as a bar table. The leaf thickness is 4 centimeters.



Kodama, a multifunctional Design table

While the first table appears to be tough and strong, the Kodama table is surprisingly elegant, and a beautiful multifunctional piece of  design furniture.

Exclusively designed for Pilat&Pilat by architect and designer Bart Vos, the Kodama table consists of a set of tables in different geometric shapes. Together, these separate elements form a simple system that looks like a tangram. Just like the Chinese puzzle, the design has an authentic language of form and is particularly flexible. To create your preferred arrangement, optional clamps are available. For all available options and sizes have a look here: Kodama table

Written in collaboration with MisterDesign // images Pilat&Pilat – MisterDesign