House of Grey’s Home of Holism

With their ‘Home of Holism’ London based studio House of grey created their workspace to encompass all aspects of daily life. The space is an adaptive working studio for the entire House of Grey team and a tranquil home retreat for founder Louisa Grey.


Circular Salutogenic Design

At the studio people can experience Circular Salutogenic Design and the House of Grey feeling for themselves.  Circular Salutogenic Design is about creating interior spaces that allow humans to live in harmony with the planet and themselves. “At House of Grey we have taken this further, fusing our aesthetic and philosophy with Salutogenic principles to design a home-retreat for our clients who wish to actively invest in pursuing health and contentment,” Louisa says.

The materials used in Home of Holism are conducive to this idea; they are non-toxic and sourced directly from the earth to promote groundedness, improve concentration and reduce stress. A real restful and restorative environment that feels as if you were on holiday!

Very much in line with these principles is we are wow makers, an independent brand, offering a natural paint with a structure between Italian stucco and chalk paint. A truly easy to apply capsule collection which features only the most essential holiday home colours.


Photography by Michael Sinclair via House of Grey, thank you!