Meet Selma Lazrak during Milan design week ’23

Milan Design week is only a few weeks away and we are planning on what to see and where to go now the first emails and press invites hit my mailbox.  Of course I am always looking for the unexpected, new designers and outstanding products. A designer that caught my eye for Milan design week is Munich based Selma Lazrak. Selma Lazrak is a designer and architect from Morocco.

From object to architecture, the work of her studio focuses on the link between design, identity and territory. The Sahara collection is inspired by a vocabulary of dunes, desertic landscapes and organic forms encountered during the childhood of the designer spent between Morocco and the Middle East.



She will present ALCOBA table at the Isola Design Gallery, a curated exhibition at Via Pastrengo 14, with collectible and bespoke design products made by independent designers.  ALCOBA is an interpretation of the nature founded in these lands with influences from Moroccan vernacular architecture.

Selma: “The aim was to capture the essence of a heritage and a land and combine them into a vocabulary of forms. The meaning of the word Alcoba in Arabic is the Alcove found in the Moroccan and Moorish architecture. Walnut, chosen for its colour and warmness is handcrafted by local artisans to create the purest angles and curves. We are pushing the limits of material processing by using a unique combination of the latest technology with precise hand-finishing.”



AMUD is inspired by the architecture of the columns founded in the city of Fez in Morocco. The chamfered edges of the pillars are inspired by the nature of the region and the layered heritage of all the civilizations that populated these lands, from the Romans to the Arab-Andalusians. The piece is a tribute to nature and crafts of Morocco.


Images © Selma Lazrak