A closer look at Occhio | Milan Design week 2023

Milan design week is over and what is left are tons of inspiration and pictures taken in town of special installations, events and of course the numerous showrooms I visited. Occhio, a German design brand founded in 1999 by Axel Meise, presented its new collection in the glass pavilion at Villa Necchi Campiglio. A villa built in the 1930s, and with its swimming pool a calm oasis in the busy center of Milan.

With ‘new horizons – an immersive experience’ Occhio celebrated the future of light. The starting point of the design brand is ‘form’ follows ‘function’. Every detail has its own function and is refined to perfection. On my Pinterest I will upload more from Milan Design week and you can see a first glimpse of the Occhio presentation at Villa Necchi in my Milan Design week archive



Mito Sospeso Hanging lamp

After the presentation we enjoyed coffee and pastries at the lounging area where different collections were placed, and  Occhio Hanging Lamps hung. Above the bar a selection of  different  Occhio Mito Sospeso lamps that changed in height in a demonstration with the Touchless control. Thanks to the ingenious roll-up mechanism, the pendulum length of Mito sospeso can be changed at any time.

The Mito Sospeso hanging lamp is sleek in shape and has a minimalist look. The light distribution consists of a wide beam upwards and downwards and can be directed in order to  shine both upwards and downwards or simply in one direction. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the light color, making the hanging lamp suitable for any situation.

Light intensity, distribution and color are controlled with a simple hand movement via Touchless Control. With the Air Module with Bluetooth Control, the lamp can be operated remotely. The minimalist hanging lamp is released in two different sizes that can be perfectly combined with each other for a playful look.


Gioia Equilibrio Table lamp

Equilibrio means ‘balance’ in Italian. The table luminaire of the series is a kinetic design sculpture, created for the executive desks of this world – or the sophisticated home office.

Gioia is the redefinition of table and reading luminaires, an unprecedented combination of light, design and innovation. The slender, round base ends in an annular luminaire head that seems to float in space. In addition, the table lamp is particularly functional thanks to its infinite mobility.

Light intensity, distribution and color are controlled with one simple hand movement via Touchless Control. The light can also be directed upwards or downwards to create the perfect atmosphere. The Air Module with Bluetooth control is integrated as standard so that the lamp can be operated remotely.





Gioia lettura Floor lamp

I also visited the showroom in the city where I spotted the Gioia Lettura Floor Lamp. Just like the Gioia Equilibrio table lamp, the Floor lamp has a diameter of 30 centimeters. The floor lamp is available in eight different colors with a choice of a white or black base and has an adjustable height from 120 centimeters to a maximum of 166 centimeters.



Written in collaboration with MisterDesign