Tera light collection by Ceramicah

On the blog I often show outstanding lamp design that I come across, and I still have a lot of brands to show you! Today I would love to talk about Ceramicah.

Ceramicah is a Los Angeles ceramics studio founded by partners in work and life, Micah Blyckert and Alexandra Cadiz. As a ceramicist since childhood, Blyckert is the skilled artist behind Ceramicah’s distinct designs and wheel-thrown pieces while Cadiz is the creative vision behind the branding and operations.

Both former Architects, they take a holistic approach to design, intentionally considering every element to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is this attention to detail and supreme understanding of how things come together that makes each Ceramicah piece special and unique.

// lamp above available at Eyeswoon.com


Tera Collection

The Tera collection shows two different lamp in different finishes. The classic silhouette and earthy lime finishes caught my attention. Once the ceramic pieces are fired, Lime Plaster is hand applied in two coats, carefully sanded, then sealed with a matte wax sealer. While other are fired without any glaze in order to reveal the natural texture and color of the clay. This results in a beautiful, smooth and organic finish in different colours. Other finishes are in black and white striped or ribbed.

Be sure to check out Ceramicah for all lamp designs and more


Tera Sconce

The Tera Sconce is Ceramicah’s signature wall fixture. Handmade using a combination of wheel-thrown and slab construction, also available in a Raku version.




product images via Ceramicah