The Mosaic Factory & Osiris Hertman

A few weeks ago I was introduced to The Mosaic Factory at an event at Hotel Rokin in Amsterdam. Part of the Highland Group, the hotel is currently room by room getting renovated by Osiris Hertman. We were invited to see the new entrance and lounge area where The mosaic Factory introduced a Collection of mosaic tiles designed in collaboration with Osiris Hertman. And also got a sneak peek in one of the renovated rooms.

Carbon Shades of Gray collection

The collaboration between The Mosaic Factory and Osiris Hertman resulted in four brand new mosaics: The Carbon Shades of Gray collection. Te collection boasts two mosaic mixes where natures black shades collide in eye catching designs creating a unique luxury feeling.

The kitkat tiles from TMF’s collections are designed to transform spaces and add a touch of unique creativity to any environment as we can see in the hotel lobby where the new collection was presented.

TMF distinguishes itself by its versatility. Whether it concerns decorating kitchen walls, bathroom walls, or counters, these tiles fit seamlessly into any environment. When the tiles are processed vertically, they are very suitable for tiling curves.


Hexagon Acoustic wall tiles

Something else that caught my eye in the lobby were the Hexagon acoustic wall tiles by Osiris in collaboration with Enzo Pellini. Used on both walls and ceiling. Hexagon felt tiles have a basic shape that is hexagonal and a sound-absorbing effect and reduce reverberation. They are made of felt based on 100% recycled material (pet bottles) and are very easy to attach on your wall.

Images ©vosgesparis