Night Time in a Palace | Domotex 2024

The exhibition “Night Time in a Palace” by carpet designer Lila Valadan transported us into a mysterious, surreal world straight out of the tales from the thousand and one nights during Domotex. Guided through different rooms the different designs by the Persian brand were unveiled. I really loved the room with the bells hanging from the ceiling, where old doors brought us into the next room. I saw different styles from modern minimalistic to more traditional.

Lila explains: “Our collection is based on the mythology of the 4 Pillars of Heaven represented by the 4 elements of life: The Beginning, The Middle, The End and The Hidden. To continue to seek for the door to heaven we have interpreted the 4 elements in a visual expression. The Beginning through Minimalism, the Middle through Geometric designs, the End through Florals motifs and the Hidden through our transitional line, Untitled.”



images ©vosgesparis